Federer claims Wimbledon 2012

by Mohan Mali

Roger Federer Wimbledon 2012

Federer’s on court movements have been compared to ballet by many.
© Mohan Mali

If Novak Djokovic was huffing and puffing on Friday, Andy Murray was seen tumbling down on his head, in a yoga like pose on Sunday.

While this was going on, a guy named Roger Federer from Switzerland, was performing a superb ballet, on a grass turf across the net.

Murray was made to deal with 34 different spins, 57 different bounces, 147 different lengths and speeds of a tennis ball in one single tennis match. The variety and ferocity was simply too much for Murray to handle. The final produced some of the best grass court tennis.

My heart goes out to Murray, who cares so much for the sport of tennis. Murray tried everything that was legal and available to him. He was very emotional but gracious and generous to his fans and Federer, in the post match interview.

Jim Courier once commented, if you want to beat Federer;  just make him play some mundane tennis, like… forehand to forehand rallies and simply bore him. Do not challenge him with your skills.

Murray was not listening and decided to break Federer in his very first service game of the match. That is a bit too soon to stir up and wake up the genius in a guy like Federer.

At times in the past, Federer has been guilty of leaving it too late to bring his A game to the court. This time Murray took care of that problem, for Federer.

Talk soon.